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We have been the leading insurance company in California for more than 25 years. Check some of our insurance products available for you.

Auto Insurance

We offer a variety of programs and coverage for ANY DRIVER. Excellent plans for young drivers and high risk drivers.

Homeowners Insurance

We provide financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it.

Commercial Insurance

Adriana’s Insurance helps successful businesses understand the importance of reliable commercial insurance.

Business Insurance

Adriana’s Insurance offers policies that combine protection from all major property and liability risks in one package.

RV Insurance

Make sure to insure it before you drive it! Most RV policies offer full coverage. This covers your RV no matter what happens.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance covers it from damage caused by an accident as well as liability to other vehicles.

Boat Insurance

Boat owners policy can insure you against most risks of owning and operating your boat, its motor and its trailer.

Classic Car Insurance

We will take in account all of your collectible car modifications to make sure they are all protected.

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About Adriana's Insurance

With over 25 years of experience and more than 40 Offices in Southern California, we offer a great variety of services; our clients can insure their auto, home, commercial vehicle, business and more.
Quality is what characterizes us and makes us be leaders within the market; our experience and professionalism make your insurance buying process a great experience.

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Rideshare Insurance

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have become one of the most convenient and popular ways to get around. There are literally hundreds of thousands of independent drivers who shuttle passengers every day through ridesharing. On the surface, it may seem that becoming a rideshare driver is as easy as creating an online profile and getting down to business. Currently a driver, or thinking about becoming one? It is very important to make sure that you have the right kind of insurance for the job. Inadequate coverage can trap you with heavy out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident. Call now for a free quote today 1-800-435-2997 or click the button below for more information!

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“I have seen this place for a while and decided to go in there to see what can they offer me and I was very surprise I was able to save money in my car insurance not only that I was amazed of the customer service there the minute I walked in I was welcome by the employees and advised they were going to be with me in a bit .. WOW you dont see that anymore. My agent was wonderful ,Thank you” Rosa M.

“Great customer service! A young lady named Brenda Mendoza helped me out in a very professional way, she had an answer for every question i had & i was out of there in no time! deff 5 stars”  Maria G.

“I had a great experience at this location. They were very helpful and prompt got me set up with all my insurance/ DMV needs and at a surprisingly affordable rate. I highly recommend this location to all family and friends.” Tony B.

“I came in for a quote and was helped thoroughly. Yadira answered all of my questions patiently. She took her time and made sure I understood everything clearly! Thanks!” Genesis C.

“I love this place! I was in a rush to pick my son up from school and really needed to get out of there in a hurry. They got me a great deal on my insurance go all 3 of my cars. I was in and out in no time, the best part I didn’t feel like I was being ripped off like in other places.!” Viviana M.

“Superb service! Isabel was extremely courteous, friendly and beyond helpful. My husband and I had a good time. Unlike other insurance companies, the hour long of signing an agreement feels like an eternity, Isabel made it feel like a breeze. You guys are awesome” Marisela L.

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