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California Weather

Remember to drive safe this morning because after months of dangerous drought dried out the land and led to a massive wildfire near Glendora, Calif., much-needed rains could stir up more danger as the ground becomes wet and unstable. Mandatory evacuations have been put in place for areas affected by the mid-January Colby fire, which […]

West Covina Police Gives Citations to Dozens of Drivers

Two elderly people died killed on marked crossings and at least four other people were injured in motor vehicle accidents in the city since last year . The operations were performed in four intersections 7 to 11 am In total , the corporation issued 47 citations and tested more than 1,500 drivers. No car was […]

California in state of emergency declared by Governor Jerry Brown.

California is in a state of drought alert after registering the lowest levels of rainfall in the last 150 years, so this Friday declared Governor Jerry Brown. Through a statement, the president stressed that this is a situation “unprecedented and very serious “, so called for the community to conserve water “in all possible ways.” […]

Republican leader Boehner reduces the chances of immigration reform law.

Just a week after House Republicans breathed new life into chances for an immigration overhaul this year, Speaker John A. Boehner all but abandoned the effort Thursday, saying it would be “difficult” to get any legislation approved. Boehner’s principles for immigration reform, unveiled during last week’s private GOP retreat, found a welcome audience in President […]

How alcohol can affect my auto insurance

How alcohol can affect my auto insurance According to the Insurance Information Institute ( III ) , every 45 minutes a traffic accident related to alcohol takes place in the United States. Besides risking your life and other people, a sentence for driving under the influcen of alcohol carries a serious penalty from your auto […]