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A Rising Star: Adriana Gallardo of Adriana's Insurance Services

Adriana Our Founder “I didn’t go to business school, but I have the ultimate degree — from the school of life,” says Adriana Gallardo from her offices in Glendora, California. It’s the perfect place to contemplate everything she has built over the past 20 years as the mastermind behind Adriana’s Insurance, an empire consisting of […]

Adriana's Insurance Will Support Latinos Once Again with Added Driver's License Study Workshops

Effective January 2015, community members who do not have a legal resident document will be eligible to apply for a California Driver’s License according to the official DMV website in California. This special type of Driver’s License derives from California Law AB60. Los Angeles, CA November 10, 2014 In California there are approximately 2.9 million […]

Adriana's Insurance Official Sponsor of LA Misioneros

Adriana’s Insurance has always been committed to the Hispanic community and this year they will continue doing so by being the official sponsor of LA Misioneros, soccer team based in Los Angeles, California, Founded in 2006 . LA Misioneros’ focus is the youth, their passion, and their dreams. Los Angeles Misioneros FC is undoubtedly the […]