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Quick Guide: Why you Should Always Wear a Safety Belt

03 sep
Quick Guide: Why you Should Always Wear a Safety Belt - Adriana's Insurance

Quick Guide: Why you Should Always Wear a Safety Belt

The scariest thing about car accidents is how fast they happen. One second you could be going about your day in peace, and in the blink of an eye, your whole world turns upside down in the confusing aftermath of a deafening crash. There’s no question that traffic collisions are devastating, but they don’t always have to be lethal as long as drivers and passengers diligently fasten their seatbelts. There’s simply no debating it, buckling up saves lives.

Numbers Don’t Lie
According to research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seatbelts have saved an average of 13,800 lives annually from potentially fatal car accidents in the United States since 2013. If it weren’t for seatbelts, thousands of lives would literally be lost daily through traffic collisions. This is why wearing seatbelts is a mandatory requirement under the law. California law specifically states that drivers may not operate vehicles on public roads or private property unless all occupants in a vehicle are either wearing seatbelts or strapped into an appropriately-sized child safety seat.

It’s for your Own Good
Buckling up isn’t just a meaningless formality. It’s a guaranteed way to protect yourself from debilitating injuries from a car crash. Seatbelts are scientifically proven to reduce the chances of being thrown from a vehicle during collisions. Not only do they hold people in place as cars tumble and roll, but they also increase the chances that a driver will maintain relative control of a vehicle as it spins off-course. The safest possible design of seatbelt to have are belts equipped with a shoulder harness. Lap-only belts do offer protection as well, however, they do less to protect people from spinal-column or abdominal injuries during accidents.

No matter how much of a hurry you might be in, or how safe you assume your trip will be, always buckle up before driving off. Your chances of surviving a car accident are twice as high purely by choosing to wear a seatbelt. There’s nothing corny or extra about valuing your own life. After all, the only way to enjoy life is actually to be alive in the first place. So don’t risk your well-being by ignoring something as basic as safety belts. For more information, visit any of our offices or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you be well and stay safe. We got you covered!