What’s making my car insurance so expensive?

Your insurance agent doesn’t hate you, we promise. It’s hard to think otherwise because we all want the lowest rates, but insurance providers want those who pose the lowest risk to them. The factors that determine your likelihood of getting into an accident are the very same ones that determine how much you’ll end up paying for your auto insurance premiums! Here are the top deciding factors

1) Driving Record

Your driving record is the first thing that lets insurers know what risk you’ll be bringing them. Accidents, tickets, and DUI’s are red flags for to them because in their eyes, if you’ve gotten any of these, you’re more likely to have another one in the near future. If you keep your record clean over time, however, your past accidents will affect your premiums less and less. Keep in mind that though it may be tempting to omit a few details about your past, doing so constitutes as insurance fraud, which is punishable by law. It’s never worth it.

2) Age / Marital Status

The next thing your insurance provider looks at before giving you a quote is your age. If you’re 16 with a learner’s permit, chances are that you don’t have much experience behind the wheel, which makes you more of a liability. Insurance carriers start to trust you more as you approach your mid-20’s. To them, that’s when you’ve proven yourself as an adult who’s less likely to cause an accident.

Your marital status also factors in because numerous studies have shown that drivers who are single have twice the risk of driver injury than those who are married. Married drivers also happen to get fewer tickets than those who are single, therefore insurance companies view them as more of a safe bet.

3) Garaging Address

Your garaging address is the address in which you permanently keep your car. Where it lives, where it sleeps – you know, its own house. This has a significant impact because insurance providers study weather patterns, crime rates, and the number of claims made annually in your area to determine the risk you’ll bring them while you’re living there.

4) Your Vehicle

Just as they study the available data for your area, insurance carriers study your car much more than you would think. They develop safety ratings for vehicles and adjust their premiums depending on the possibility of loss that this vehicle presents.

5) Vehicle Usage

If you’re a long distance commuter, your premium will differ greatly from someone who only takes the car out for weekend drives. Regardless of how pristine your record might be, the more miles you put in throughout the year, the higher your chances of an accident.

Every insurer has its own rates depending on its data, losses, and history. For this reason, at Adriana’s Insurance we compare dozens of providers to ensure that you always get the lowest rates available. Give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 for your free quote today!

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