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Quick Guide: The Basics of Traffic School

Traffic School refers to a curriculum of courses which are designed to refresh drivers’ knowledge about traffic laws and general road safety. The main reason why drivers enroll in traffic school is to remove infractions from a driving record. Whenever drivers receive traffic tickets, this violation of the Vehicle Code is recorded on drivers’ records as an incident known as an infraction. Depending on the severity of an infraction, the state of California can offer traffic offenders the opportunity to attend traffic school as a way to simultaneously rehabilitate a traffic offender, while reducing punishment for a ticket.

Your biggest priority as a driver should be to commit as few traffic violations as possible, especially if you’ve already accumulated points on your record. It might seem like only serious crimes matter when it comes to traffic tickets, however even minor negligence can saddle you with infractions if you aren’t careful. There are basically two types of traffic offenses, these are: moving, and non-moving violations. Moving violations occur when a car is in motion, whereas non-moving violations occur when a car is stationery. Whether or not you’re actually in the process of driving, even a mistake as basic as parking your car in the wrong place can end up costing you if you aren’t careful.

If you’ve had the misfortune of getting stuck with a ticket, don’t just let your case unfold without trying to protect your driving record. Traffic school is a great way to reduce or eliminate any points that could be added to your record. This simple measure could spare you the trouble of dealing with increased insurance rates, or prevent your license from being suspended or revoked. If you already have points on your record, don’t let the struggles of early traffic violations stop you from driving responsibly either. Earning your way back from a suspended or revoked license takes much more work than simply following the rules today. For more information, visit any of our offices or give us a call at 1-888-309-4545 to find out how Adriana’s Traffic School can help you maintain a good driving record. We got you covered!

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