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“Tengo Talento” Auditions in Adriana’s Insurance offices

Ya llego,… tú lo estabas esperando. El show de Tengo talento mucho talento..!! Estará haciendo audiciones en las oficinas de Adriana’s Insurance buscando nuevas figuras; de la música, la actuación y el canto. Ven y muestra tus habilidades. Tú podrías ser la próxima estrella de la televisión. Sábado 1 de marzo Adriana’s Insurance: 6042 Atlantic…
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IRS lacks authority to regulate tax preparers, says court

The Internal Revenue Service lacks the authority to regulate paid tax preparers, a federal appeals panel said, upholding a lower-court ruling that throws out licensing rules for as many as 700,000 practitioners. The IRS issued new rules in 2011 to address concerns about the performance of some preparers. The agency relied for authority on a…
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California in state of emergency declared by Governor Jerry Brown.

California is in a state of drought alert after registering the lowest levels of rainfall in the last 150 years, so this Friday declared Governor Jerry Brown. Through a statement, the president stressed that this is a situation "unprecedented and very serious “, so called for the community to conserve water “in all possible ways."…
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Republican leader Boehner reduces the chances of immigration reform law.

Just a week after House Republicans breathed new life into chances for an immigration overhaul this year, Speaker John A. Boehner all but abandoned the effort Thursday, saying it would be “difficult” to get any legislation approved. Boehner’s principles for immigration reform, unveiled during last week’s private GOP retreat, found a welcome audience in President…
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