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8 Rookie Mistakes that Keep Ruining Your Holidays Year after Year

The holiday season can feel like such a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, everybody’s looking forward to kicking back and celebrating in all the good cheer. After all, what’s not to like about hopping from one party to the next as you enjoy good food and even better company. It’s the perfect time…
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3 Important Tips for First-Time Motorcycle Buyers

There’s something that’s just instinctively cool about motorcycles. They look rugged and feel powerful. Even though they’re smaller than most cars, they roar and rumble like ferocious beasts. For anyone fortunate enough to tame these mechanical steeds, every journey feels like a liberating adventure – because nothing can stop motorcycles. Not even traffic. They are…
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How to Eliminate the Odor of Cigarette Smoke from a Car in 4 Easy Steps

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is smelling cigarette smoke in your car every time you enter it. Most odors disappear from cars after a simple cleaning, when it comes to cigarettes however, the stench of smoke always seems to linger even after giving the interior a good wipe-down. This can create…
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3 Painless Steps to Follow When your Car Overheats

There are two types of drivers out there, lucky drivers, and survivors. Lucky drivers have it made. They always get green lights, and their windows are never graffitied with the words “wash me.” They always find a perfect parking spot, and they can’t even remember the last time they got trapped in traffic. Lucky drivers…
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