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5 Responsible Ways to React if You Cross Paths with a Road-Raging Driver

15 Jul
5 Responsible Ways to React if You Cross Paths with a Road-Raging Driver

5 Responsible Ways to React if You Cross Paths with a Road-Raging Driver

5 Responsible Ways to React if You Cross Paths with a Road-Raging Driver

    One of the most unpleasant experiences to go through as a driver is altercations with other motorists.  Whether it’s through reckless maneuvers, or direct verbal confrontation, being the target of road rage is upsetting.  But even though traffic altercations are often unpredictable, that doesn’t mean people are powerless to prevent chaos.  A little smart thinking and courtesy can enable everybody to walk away from quarrels in traffic unscathed.  

Sober Minds Save Lives:

Author Frank Paino advises that, “Nearly every time you hit the road, you will see another driver do something either discourteous, or even downright dangerous. Many times, you yourself could be the recipient of that behavior. But no matter what situations you may encounter, a response of anger on your part will only make things worse. Anger can even lead to acts of violence in extreme cases of road rage. Is it worth it? The answer is ‘No.’” Here are a few quick tips on how to defuse road rage incidents:  

1.    Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire:

If somebody ever approaches you with aggressiveness in traffic, always respond with composure.  Fighting fire with fire makes it more likely that an altercation will intensify and turn physical.   

2.    Stay in Your Vehicle:

Sometimes, angry drivers walk up to someone they’re offended with and demand to fight.  Don’t oblige if this should ever happen to you.  Lock your doors, and stay in your vehicle, so that you can avoid getting embroiled in an assault case.  

3.    Apologize if You Were In the Wrong:

If you happen to make a mistake that provokes the anger of another motorist, don’t underestimate the power of an apology.  Making it clear that you didn’t intend any harm might be a good enough gesture to calm the situation down.  

4.    Slow Down, and Drive Defensively:

If an altercation you’re involved in is happening in moving traffic, slow down and do what you can to increase the distance between you and the angry driver.  Do whatever it takes to avoid weaving in and out of traffic in a speed-race.  

5.    Avoid Driving Home if You’re Being Followed:

If somebody starts following you in traffic, avoid the temptation to drive home.  Make your way to the nearest police station instead, or drive to a public place where it would be difficult to stage an attack.  Make sure to call the police if a confrontation with a hostile driver doesn’t subside.   


Road rage is a very provocative interaction to go through.  But never to allow yourself to get carried away with emotion when it happens.  Regardless of how angry or hostile other drivers may be, always remember that controlling your own temper does more to help the situation.  As long as you take steps to keep cool under pressure, it’s going to be very difficult for confrontations to snowball into violence.  For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!