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5 Low-Profile Traffic Violations that Can Turn You into a High-Risk Driver

22 Aug
5 Low-Profile Traffic Violations that Can Turn You into a High-Risk Driver

5 Low-Profile Traffic Violations that Can Turn You into a High-Risk Driver

Any reasonable driver understands that insurance doesn't come cheap. Unfortunately, having a bad driving-record will only make matters worse. This is because insurers tend to penalize high-risk drivers. Generally speaking, divers who have one or more violations on their record face skyrocketing quotes on auto insurance.  

Insurance and Reputation Go Hand-in-Hand:

Car Insurance Writer Candace Baker explains that, “Insurance companies charge different rates for the same coverage. They also treat the factors that go into your rate (driving history, age, credit history, etc.) differently. Finding a company that suits the kind of driver you are can save you a lot of money. Every major insurer gives discounts based on your driving history.” Here are a few examples of mistakes and traffic-violations that can trigger nightmares with car insurance:  

1.    Speeding:

Driving too fast not only endangers lives, it carries the risk of tickets/fines, criminal convictions, and property-damage (in the event of an accident). Speeding is the most common reason why people unintentionally earn points on their driving records.  

2.    Driving Without a Seatbelt On:

Failing to buckle-up is also a habitual mistake that many drivers unknowingly fall victim to.  Traffic officers always make note of whether a driver is buckled-up before pulling them over.  

3.    Texting and Driving:

It’s against the law for drivers to use mobile devices without hands-free systems/technology.  This means no phone calls while driving, and especially no texting/typing while driving.  

4.    Littering:

This is a bad habit that many drivers practice without thinking.  But tossing garbage out of the window constitutes criminal littering.  In a best-case scenario, littering is only punishable with a fine.  But in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can attract criminal charges.  

5.    Parking Violations:

Parking in the wrong place, or in the wrong way, is also a typical mistake made by motorists.  Unfortunately, parking violations can turn a driver into a villain.  Especially in situations of negligence related to handicap-parking violations.  


The takeaway here is simple. Drivers who speed, drive under the influence, or engage in other bad behaviors will pay through the nose. Inevitably. The best way to save money on car insurance is to drive responsibly at all times. Being a safe driver is a win-win proposition, end of story. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!