3 Questions that Will Help you Figure Out What Type of Insurance to Buy

29 Aug
3 Questions that Will Help you Figure Out What Type of Insurance to Buy - Adriana's Insurance

3 Questions that Will Help you Figure Out What Type of Insurance to Buy

Insurance is such a standard part of the driving experience that people easily take it for granted. Nobody ever takes the time to explain why insurance is important, especially to new drivers. People just introduce it to new drivers as a mandatory requirement under the law, and new drivers are expected to automatically understand whether the policies they’ve chosen actually provide coverage when it’s most needed. Insurance is much more than just a statutory requirement. It’s a form of financial protection. Aside from responsible driving, insurance is the only line of defense that drivers have against uncertainties such as accidents and property damage.

Here are three important questions to ask if you need some guidance on the value of insurance:

How Much Money Do I have to pay for Repairs if My Car is Damaged or Vandalized?
Without insurance, any person who incurs vehicle damage would have no choice but to pay thousands of dollars instantaneously in order to carry out repairs. On the other hand, physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) helps pay for these types of repairs at little or no cost to you.

Can I afford to Pay for Rental or Towing Expenses During an Emergency?
Every driver needs to come up with alternative transportation when their cars are out of commission. With the right policy in place, you can choose special coverage options that subsidize towing and rental services during emergencies.

What Would Happen if I was At Fault in a Terrible Accident?
If another driver hits you, it’s easy to demand compensation for your losses. But if you happen to hit another driver, it’s painful to admit fault and pay for their losses. The right liability insurance policy can eliminate the need to worry about either of these two scenarios.

If you are a new driver looking for insurance, the most important thing you should know is that insurance can’t possibly stop accidents from happening, but it can help you piece your life together if an auto accident should ever tragically happen to you. Insurance can also protect you from financial hardship even when you are at fault, or if you hurt someone else during an accident. It all depends on how much coverage you purchase, and how well you maintain your driving record. For more information on how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe on the road, visit any of our offices or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654. We got you covered!