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4 Rules-of-Thumb to Follow When Visiting Car-Washes

Choosing a car-wash can be a challenging dilemma. If you want to get a meticulous cleaning, you have to make sure that the car-wash you visit does a thorough job.  This shouldn’t be that complicated, except for the fact that not all car-washes produce perfectly clean vehicles. Only select car-washes go the extra mile to [...]

4 Prudent Steps to Follow When Traffic Lights Go Dark

     Traffic lights are such a predictable part of daily driving that most people never give them a second thought.  But things can go haywire in the blink of an eye when traffic lights stop working.  Which is something that happens more often than motorists realize.  When traffic lights don’t work, it’s important to pay [...]

Quick Guide: The Ins and Outs of Commercial Auto Insurance [:es]Quick Guide: The Ins and Outs of Commercial Auto Insurance

Finding the right auto insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. A lot depends on the specific circumstances of each individual driver. This is especially the case for drivers who own vehicles for professional reasons. Drivers who earn a living from their automobiles are required to have Commercial Auto Insurance in order to protect their cars. Commercial […]

08 Aug

Quick Guide: The Importance of Traffic School

Getting a ticket is something which can happen to any driver at any time. Even though you might consider yourself the most cautious driver on the planet, mistakes happen, and in the blink of an eye, you could find yourself pleading a traffic case in front of a judge. Getting involved in a traffic offense […]