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15 Jan

4 Basic Rules to Protect Yourself from DUIs

  Whenever someone hears the phrase “driving under the influence,” they automatically think about drunk driving.  But the truth is, there are many different types of substances which interfere with a driver’s sobriety. Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs impair the ability to drive because they slow down coordination, cloud judgment, and stall reaction times.  Conversely, cocaine and methamphetamine […]

29 Aug
3 Questions that Will Help you Figure Out What Type of Insurance to Buy - Adriana's Insurance

3 Questions that Will Help you Figure Out What Type of Insurance to Buy

Insurance is such a standard part of the driving experience that people easily take it for granted. Nobody ever takes the time to explain why insurance is important, especially to new drivers. People just introduce it to new drivers as a mandatory requirement under the law, and new drivers are expected to automatically understand whether […]

27 Aug
4 Fool-Proof Rules to Help You Be a Safe Driver - Adriana's Insurance

4 Fool-Proof Rules to Help You Be a Safe Driver

Being a safe driver means so much more than most people realize. Not only does driving safely save lives, but it also ensures that the rates you pay for insurance stay low. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, California suffers an average of 3,000 traffic fatalities annually. Some of these accidents are certainly […]

26 Aug
5 Important Things to Think about Before Buying Your First RV - Adriana's Insurance

5 Important Things to Think about Before Buying Your First RV

No vehicle stands out on a highway quite like a Recreational Vehicle (RV) does. It doesn’t matter whether they’re brand new behemoths, or decades-old clunkers, RVs always look like they have a thousand interesting stories to tell. There’s just something cool and intriguing about the fact that such a versatile vehicle exists. In fact, the […]

08 Aug

Quick Guide: The Importance of Traffic School

Getting a ticket is something which can happen to any driver at any time. Even though you might consider yourself the most cautious driver on the planet, mistakes happen, and in the blink of an eye, you could find yourself pleading a traffic case in front of a judge. Getting involved in a traffic offense […]

06 Aug

5 Questions About Auto Insurance that New Drivers are Always too Embarrassed to Ask

Going to school can be a frustrating experience. People spend years and years studying the most random things, yet somehow, there aren’t any classes that teach about crucial responsibilities like paying taxes or buying insurance. This situation is actually problematic when you think about the fact that some forms of insurance are mandatory under the […]

4 Lifehacks to Keep Cool on the Road This Summer

Most experienced drivers know that responsible driving requires awareness of conditions on the road. While it’s easy to assume this merely translates into practicing visual alertness while driving, it’s also particularly important to be mindful of how the weather changes from season to season. As summer approaches, there are special preparations every driver should make […]

How to Change a Flat Tire like a Boss

It’s one of the most frustrating feelings and nobody ever thinks it’ll happen to them. Cursing into the wind as rubberneckers race past your stranded car. Fumbling through your contacts to see if there’s anyone you can call for help. Frantically trying to retrieve tools you’ve never even bothered to buy, let alone store in […]