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06 Aug

5 Questions About Auto Insurance that New Drivers are Always too Embarrassed to Ask

Going to school can be a frustrating experience. People spend years and years studying the most random things, yet somehow, there aren’t any classes that teach about crucial responsibilities like paying taxes or buying insurance. This situation is actually problematic when you think about the fact that some forms of insurance are mandatory under the […]

4 Lifehacks to Keep Cool on the Road This Summer

Most experienced drivers know that responsible driving requires awareness of conditions on the road. While it’s easy to assume this merely translates into practicing visual alertness while driving, it’s also particularly important to be mindful of how the weather changes from season to season. As summer approaches, there are special preparations every driver should make […]

How to Change a Flat Tire like a Boss

It’s one of the most frustrating feelings and nobody ever thinks it’ll happen to them. Cursing into the wind as rubberneckers race past your stranded car. Fumbling through your contacts to see if there’s anyone you can call for help. Frantically trying to retrieve tools you’ve never even bothered to buy, let alone store in […]