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Republican leader Boehner reduces the chances of immigration reform law.

Just a week after House Republicans breathed new life into chances for an immigration overhaul this year, Speaker John A. Boehner all but abandoned the effort Thursday, saying it would be “difficult” to get any legislation approved. Boehner’s principles for immigration reform, unveiled during last week’s private GOP retreat, found a welcome audience in President […]

President is called to assert his power and stop the deportations.

President is called to assert his power and stop the deportations. In a document of 30 pages , the National Day Laborer Organizing Network ( NDLON ), with the support of the largest trade union in the United States, the AFL -CIO , on Tuesday introduced a series of legal arguments asking President Barack Obama […]

Tax season

Dear Customer: The following blog is to inform you that as of January 30 you are welcome to any of our 50+ locations in Southern California to make your tax preparation services. In 2013 came into force major tax changes that might benefit you in your tax return, so you need to take action as […]

How alcohol can affect my auto insurance

How alcohol can affect my auto insurance According to the Insurance Information Institute ( III ) , every 45 minutes a traffic accident related to alcohol takes place in the United States. Besides risking your life and other people, a sentence for driving under the influcen of alcohol carries a serious penalty from your auto […]

Immigration Reform

Adriana’s Insurance has been in business for over 20 years and is one of the biggest insurance brokers in Southern California! They have been helping individuals, families and businesses find insurance policies they need at the lowest rates possible. They are excited to help gather people for the May 1st march in Los Angeles at […]