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18 Dec

Driving in The Dark? These 4 Safety Rules are a MUST

     The riskiest time to get behind the wheel is at night.  Not only is visibility low, but other motorists and pedestrians are prone to bad judgment when it’s dark.  It’s important to drive with extra caution any time you operate a vehicle in a dimly-lit environment. Automotive Expert Phil Berg cautions that “Driving at […]

18 Dec

4 Common Criteria That Have a Direct Impact on Insurance Rates

As more and more options for insurance coverage become available in the marketplace, consumers are faced with the challenge of picking the right coverage.  How can you tell whether or not the policy you’re interested in is too expensive?  How can you protect against being under-insured, or over-insured?  How many insurance companies are willing to […]

11 Dec

5 Safety Precautions that Reduce the Chances of Rear-End Collisions

There’s nothing more devastating than being rear-ended in traffic. Not only does it happen suddenly, but it often inflicts severe damage and injury to accident victims. Even though rear-end collisions are terrible, it’s possible to prevent them with defensive driving. Attorney Steven H. Heisler cautions that “Rear-end collisions can cause serious injuries to those in […]

11 Dec

Making a U-Turn? Don’t Forget to Follow These 5 Steps

     U-Turns are one of the most elementary moves that drivers should learn. A U-Turn is a combination of actions which turn a vehicle around by 180 degrees, in the opposite direction. Although U-Turns can seem straightforward, not all drivers are capable of doing them properly. When making U-Turns, many drivers get confused about traffic-speed, […]

04 Dec

5 Useful DOs and DON’Ts on How to Maintain Good Driving Posture

One of the most important things a driver can do to stay safe behind the wheel is maintain good posture. Unfortunately, the vast majority of motorists become reckless with their driving-stance over time. They sit in contorted positions, and constantly multitask with their limbs. Ultimately putting their lives in danger by sitting in clumsy positions. […]

27 Nov

6 Sensible Precautions to Keep You Safe from Fender-Benders

     One of the easiest accidents to get into as a driver is fender-benders. Even if you have lots of experience and a perfect driving record, fender-benders happen so suddenly that anyone can fall victim. The key to avoiding such incidents is full concentration as you drive. Automotive expert David Borgogni suggests that “If you […]

20 Nov

4 Life-Hacks to Use When Tackling Pesky Window-Stickers

Buying a new car is always exciting. But there’s just one part of the process that can get really frustrating – clearing out display stickers on the windows. For some reason adhesive stickers which come from the dealership are notoriously hard to peel off. Lifestyle Author Jill Nystul advises that “Sticker glue is hard to […]

06 Nov

5 Inappropriate Ways You Shouldn’t Use a Car Horn

When people learn how to drive, not much attention is paid to the rules behind horn-honking. There’s usually a quick explanation of what horns do, and drivers are expected to figure things out eventually.  The problem with this approach is that car horns are sensitive safety features.  Using them impulsively can actually create hazards on […]