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Traffic Rules Exist to Protect People: Especially Through These 3 Rationales

26 Aug
Traffic Rules Exist to Protect People: Especially Through These 3 Rationales

Traffic Rules Exist to Protect People: Especially Through These 3 Rationales

If you want to enjoy your life as a motorist, it’s important to respect traffic laws. And follow them at all times. Because the order created by traffic laws is protective. Even in the best of circumstances, driving conditions can be chaotic. Sticking to the rules is the only way to ensure that you, and any passengers you travel with, make it to your destinations in one piece.

Rules = Safety:

Automotive Writer Luisa Landaverde suggests that, “Traffic laws are designed to shelter society. If we don’t follow them, not only are we putting ourselves at risk, but also other innocent people as well. By knowing the rules of the road, and practicing good driving skills, you play a vital role in preventing crashes. You will also make evolving safety policies more effective.” Here are a few important justifications for why traffic rules are beneficial:

I. They Make Road Conditions Predictable:

Imagine driving in an environment where you don’t know what to expect. An environment where drivers and pedestrians travel in total irregularity. It would be impossible to survive. Traffic rules don’t just tell people what to do. They clarify what to anticipate in a way that prevents misunderstandings and accidents.

II. They Promote Responsible Driving:

When operated in a careless or improper manner, any motor vehicle can transform into a hazard. Traffic laws neutralize this threat by educating the public on the proper use of automobiles. Any driver who ignores traffic rules is liable to experience problems.

III. They Build Consensus:

Traffic laws establish a shared vocabulary between drivers. A vocabulary which allows synchronized and orderly driving. For example, when you see a blinking yellow light on another vehicle, it’s reasonable to assume that the driver is about to turn/change lanes. This instant understanding is only possible because of widely-shared traffic rules.


It may be hard to believe sometimes, but every single traffic rule directly benefits drivers. Rules and regulations are the only way that countless people can efficiently share the road. Ultimately, traffic laws promote safety, common understanding, as well as the smooth transit of drivers and pedestrians. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!