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Making a U-Turn? Don’t Forget to Follow These 5 Steps

11 Dec

Making a U-Turn? Don’t Forget to Follow These 5 Steps

     U-Turns are one of the most elementary moves that drivers should learn. A U-Turn is a combination of actions which turn a vehicle around by 180 degrees, in the opposite direction. Although U-Turns can seem straightforward, not all drivers are capable of doing them properly. When making U-Turns, many drivers get confused about traffic-speed, and distance. Automotive expert Andrei Zakhareuski advises that “Regulations about U-Turns vary depending on where you are driving. Before you attempt to make a U turn, make sure that you know the rules concerning this particular type of turn.” Here are a few vital steps to follow when making U-Turns:

STEP #01 - Pick a Safe Place to Do the U-Turn Legally:

The first thing you need to do is to find an ideal location where you want to do the U-Turn. Make sure there are no street signs restricting U-Turns.

STEP #02 – Get into Position:

As you approach your turn, gradually get close to the middle of the road and prepare to come to a complete stop. Analyze your surroundings by scanning for pedestrians, cyclists, and oncoming cars or motorcycles.

STEP #03 – Signal Your Turn:

               As you get closer to your turn, activate your turning signal and check your mirrors. Check your blind spot quickly, and come to a stop in a safe way. When maneuvering into a U-Turn, it’s crucial to slow down and stop completely. This lets other motorists know that you’re turning.

STEP #04 – Double-Check Your Blind Spots:

Before proceeding with the turn, do another brief safety search. Look up ahead into the distance to avoid oncoming traffic, and don’t initiate the turn if there are any pedestrians in your path. Only start turning if there are zero signs of danger.

STEP #05 – Turn with a Controlled Speed:

As long as there’s nothing in the way of your intended turn, execute your maneuver while anticipating the traffic of the lane you’re turning into. If there are cars behind you after the turn, accelerate quickly so that you don’t cause a bottle-neck.


If you’re going to make a U-Turn in traffic, you must verify if it’s safe to do so. U-Turns are usually forbidden in commercial areas, on highways, and on winding roads. U-Turns can only be used in specific road conditions. So only use U-Turns when there’s minimal risk of traffic collisions. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!