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How to Become an Insurance Agent in 3 Easy Steps

23 Mar
How to Become an Insurance Agent in 3 Easy Steps

How to Become an Insurance Agent in 3 Easy Steps

Do you have good people skills?  Does a career in sales sound intriguing or exciting to you?  Do you have plenty of charisma and charm?  Answering yes to these questions is a good thing. It means you have what it takes to become an insurance agent.  But, even though personality is a big part of being able to sell insurance, the path to becoming a licensed agent involves some formal vetting.  

Becoming an Agent is a Journey:

Business Writer/HR Specialist Adrianne Bibby suggests that, “Being an insurance sales professional is just one of many paths to consider if you’re looking to establish a career in sales. An insurance sales career can pay well, while offering a measure of security for candidates who’ve worked toward having the right qualifications.” Here’s a quick summary of what it takes to become an insurance agent:  

      I.        Choose Between Being a Captive Insurance Agent, or an Independent Insurance Agent:

Generally speaking, there are two major categories of insurance agents.  These are: captive insurance agents, and independent insurance agents.  Captive agents are professionals who exclusively work for a single insurer.  They only sell proprietary insurance products created by the insurer they work for.  On the other hand, independent agents are capable of selling various insurance products, created by multiple competing insurers.  Each one of these career paths has its own stipulations and criteria for licensing.  

    II.        Decide on What Type of Insurance You Want to Sell:

Once you’ve understood whether you want to be captive or independent, the next step is to figure out exactly what type of insurance you’d like to sell.  And the options are numerous.  On a large scale, agents can choose whether they want to sell commercial insurance, or sell insurance to individual consumers.  Beyond that, agents also need to choose the exact type of insurance they want to sell. The choices available include Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Health Insurance, Renter’s Insurance, Liability Insurance and so on.  Picking a specialty will help you settle on what topics to study in order to get a license.  

   III.        Acquire the Credentials for Statutory Licensing Requirements:

Narrowing down the specific type of insurance you’d like to sell means you’re ready to start studying for the licensing exam. Complete a pre-license education course, apply to take the insurance licensing exam (and pass it), then find placement with an insurer that’s hiring agents with your newly-acquired credentials.  


There’s a reason why insurance agents have to go through a rigorous process of licensing.  It’s because insurance happens to be a unique product.  Unlike tangible goods or routine services, insurance products revolve around protecting people.  This noble cause is what should inspire anyone thinking about a career in insurance.  Whether directly or indirectly, insurance agents save lives.