How alcohol can affect my auto insurance

How alcohol can affect my auto insurance

How alcohol can affect my auto insurance

According to the Insurance Information Institute ( III ) , every 45 minutes a traffic accident related to alcohol takes place in the United States. Besides risking your life and other people, a sentence for driving under the influcen of alcohol carries a serious penalty from your auto insurance company .

The rate you pay on your auto insurance , it is directly related to your driving record for the past three years insurance companies mandate the driving record directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV ). Statistics show that most accidentes involving alcohol occur to people from 15-24

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs ( DUI) , it’s likely the price of your car insurance go through the roof. Considering you a high risk driver . However, if you follow the right steps , you can reduce the cost .

In the event that the officer had confiscated your driver’s license when you were arrested, this would be one option to retrieve it :

Your driver’s license at the end of the suspension or revocation , as long as you make a payment of $ 125 to the DMV and file proof of financial responsibility. The fee to reissue your license remains at $ 100 if you were under 21 and were suspended under the Zero Tolerance Law Consumption of Alcohol according with the California Vehicle Code § § 23136 , 13353.1 , 13388 , 13392 . If it is determined that there is no basis for the suspension or revocation your license will be issued or return.

Another case situation might be as follows :

If you are 21 or older , underwent the examination of blood, breath or urine ( if applicable) and the results showed an alcohol concentration (BAC ) of 0.08 % or more :

The first offense will have a suspension of 4 months.

The second or subsequent offense within a period of 10 years, will have a 1-year suspension.

If you are under 21 years old, underwent a preliminary examination to determine the presence of alcohol ( PAS ) or other chemical test and results showed 0.01 % BAC or more , your driving privilege will be suspended for one year .

It requires that any person convicted of a first DUI offense meets an approved drivers who drive while intoxicated program. If a second consecutive sentences , it must comply with a program of 18 to 30 months.

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