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Don’t Be Hesitant to Look into Group Coaching: Especially With these 3 Incentives on the Table

19 Nov
Don’t Be Hesitant to Look into Group Coaching: Especially With these 3 Incentives on the Table

Don’t Be Hesitant to Look into Group Coaching: Especially With these 3 Incentives on the Table

Business coaching continues to evolve into a central part of corporate culture.  But even so, many people have a one-dimensional view of how coaching works.  While the obvious assumption is that coaching comprises one-on-one consultations, it’s actually possible to implement coaching in a group context.  Group coaching is a convenient way for companies to enhance aggregate employee performance.


Group Coaching Brings Teams into Alignment:

Management Consultant Carter McNamara explains that, “Group coaching is used much more often now because it can achieve more impact, more quickly, and at lower cost. Group coaching leverages the untapped wisdom, support and networking among clients, employees and peers. Simply put, group coaching is coaching in a group.  However, there are many different formats for how that can be done.” Here are a few important benefits of soliciting coaching at a group-level:


1.    It’s More Affordable:

One-on-one coaching is designed to help specific individuals by exploring their designated roles.  This generates costs related to each person who receives coaching.  But with group coaching, it’s possible to secure a lump-sum discounted rate which applies to multiple people at the same time. 


2.    It Allows for Collective Brainstorming:

Group coaching is an orchestrated communal process.  It encourages employees to build teams and work together towards a mutually established mission.  This is a unique opportunity because it allows people to get comfortable with the idea of pooling knowledge, talents and resources.


3.    It Explores Problem Areas in Multiple Facets of a Business:

The blind spots and hang-ups which plague businesses are never because of one single factor.  They happen across multiple stages of operations, and on multiple levels of the chain of command.  They happen in different teams, and different departments of any given organization.  Group coaching casts a wide net which caters to all these possibilities.



Companies looking to elevate their strategic advantage stand to gain tremendously from group coaching.  Especially in light of the fact that markets and industries are more competitive than ever before.  Even a small investment in group coaching can yield long-lasting results. If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative courses, workshops and events listed on our websites and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, or overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (800) 913-0222 to find out how Now Rise can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.