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6 Things You Should Instantaneously Renovate If You’ve Just Bought a Car

03 Aug
6 Things You Should Instantaneously Renovate If You’ve Just Bought a Car

6 Things You Should Instantaneously Renovate If You’ve Just Bought a Car

6 Things You Should Instantaneously Renovate If You’ve Just Bought a Car

    Did you know it’s a good idea to customize a new car before putting it to use? While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy a newly-purchased vehicle, drivers actually miss out on luxury when they’re hasty to get behind the wheel. Just because dealerships sell cars in mint-condition, doesn’t mean they have to be driven as-is. Making a few adjustments to parts and equipment can significantly enhance the driving experience.  

Personalizing Your Car Pays Off:

Automotive Expert Wayne Cox explains that, “A lot of people these days customize their vehicles. The number-one reason for car customization is the need to have a more efficient vehicle. Aside from efficiency, motorists also want their cars to perform better. For example, customized wheels may improve a car’s grip on the road, as well as lengthen the life of the tires.” Here are a few handy features that should always be customized when people buy new cars:  

1.    Windscreen Wipers:

Factory-issued wipers on vehicles are never the best possible quality.  The moment you buy a car, confirm the measurements on your pre-installed wipers, and replace them with compatible heavy-duty ones.  

2.    Floor Mats:

            The floor mats that come fitted in vehicles usually have weak grip.  They also tend to absorb excessive moisture.  If you notice the floor mats shifting around loosely as you operate your vehicle, buy some sturdy ones to prevent bunching.  

3.    Window-Tint:

            Tinted windows are a convenient feature because they protect upholstery against sun-damage.  If the car you’re driving doesn’t have tinted windows, install them so that you can get some shade.  

4.    Headlamps:

Standard-issue headlamps might be bright at first, but they dim very quickly because of their cheap quality.  Invest in some strong, energy-efficient LED lights so that visibility can be enhanced.  

5.    The Spare Tire:

            All new cars come with a spare tire in the trunk.  But these spare tires are usually small and fragile.  Replacing your spare tire with a fully-functional one guarantees that you won’t get stranded in the event of a flat.  

6.    License-Plate Frames:

            License-plate frames might not seem like much of a big deal, but they add a noticeable finishing touch to the appearance of a vehicle. Even if you don’t buy anything flashy, at least get rid of the tacky frames that blatantly advertise dealerships.  


            When people buy new cars, the first thing on their minds is usually sitting back, and putting the pedal to the metal.  But exercising a little patience to optimize your vehicle can make a big difference.  It can mean the difference between driving in comfort, versus driving in misery.  So don’t be hesitant to spoil yourself through some renovation. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!