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6 Popular Causes of Household Pest-Infestation

01 Aug
6 Popular Causes of Household Pest-Infestation

6 Popular Causes of Household Pest-Infestation

6 Popular Causes of Household Pest-Infestation

    When was the last time you had to deal with household pests?  If the answer is never, consider yourself lucky.  The moment pests discover a dwelling place in a home, they begin to reproduce and spread.  Left to their own devices, pests can become unruly and disruptive. Not only are pests capable of causing property damage, but depending on the type of infestation, they can actually compromise health as well. Prevention is far better than cure when it comes to dealing with pests.  

Protect Your Home:

Fumigation/Pest-Control Expert Robert Luckens advises that, “Pest control refers to any system that seeks to eliminate the population of insects considered harmful to human/animal health. As well as the environment. Pest control requires a lot of work and resources, but it is a necessity. Especially for homes.” Here are a few domestic problems and mistakes that significantly attract pests to a home:  

1.    Unkempt Trash Cans:

Sanitary garbage-disposal is crucial for effective pest-control.  When trash cans are allowed to spill over with waste, the filth attracts dangerous disease-carrying insects and critters.  

2.    Water-Damage:

            Houses which have extensive water-damage usually develop mold.  Wooden structures will rot under this mold and eventually attract pests like termites, gnats and worms.  

3.    Unclean/Clogged Rain-Gutters:

When leaves are allowed to build up and block rain-gutters, this creates a shelter for all kinds of household pests.  Clogged rain gutters are a perfect hiding place for animals like raccoons, birds, squirrels, rats and more.  

4.    Porch Lights:

            Have you ever noticed how many bugs float around outdoor light-bulbs at night?  The same thing happens to porch lights all the time.  Porch lights can attract annoying pests like mosquitoes, moths and so on.  

5.    Compost Heaps:

            Composting might be good for organic gardening, but it is a process that naturally invites pests and rodents.  Be careful not to build composting heaps near any domestic structures. If you do, invest in traps and deterrents.   

6.    Poorly-Maintained Grills:

            When grills aren’t cleaned or sealed-off hygienically, small animals like to crawl into them and turn them into nests. Possums are especially notorious for inhabiting abandoned or neglected outdoor grills.  


Pests and rodents are an obscure problem that could completely undermine the value of a home.  This is why it’s very important for home owners to always be proactive about pest-control.  No matter how confident you might feel about the absence of pests, be careful not to enable a conducive environment.  The longer pests are allowed to breed and thrive, the harder it is to rein them in. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you keep your home safe. We got you covered!