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6 Good-for-Nothing Car Accessories that Drivers Shouldn’t Waste Time On

07 Sep
6 Good-for-Nothing Car Accessories that Drivers Shouldn’t Waste Time On

6 Good-for-Nothing Car Accessories that Drivers Shouldn’t Waste Time On

The moment someone buys a new car, the first order of business is customizing it. And this usually boils down to modifying with unique accessories. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your car feel special, some accessories on the market are just plain awful. Instead of adding a touch of flair, they make cars feel cluttered and clunky.


All that Glitters Isn’t Gold:

Automotive Expert Paul Hadley suggests that, “There’s no shortage of car accessories on the market. Some are functional, and others are purely for fun. When fixing up your ride with new accessories, consider your needs, your personality, what you’re using your vehicle for, and who you’re shopping for.” Here are a few examples of tasteless auto-accessories:


1. Car Covers:

On paper, car covers feel like a useful way to protect vehicles. In reality though, motorists who drive every day have little reason to repeatedly use them. Car covers only come in handy for grounded vehicles.


2. Bedazzled Accessories:

Bedazzled plate-frames and stickers are very popular with happy-go-lucky drivers. Unfortunately, bedazzled accessories start looking tacky when wear-and-tear sets in.


3. Over-Sized Wheels:

Some drivers love installing oversized wheels on small cars. But even though this modification looks cool, it always reduces the maneuverability of a vehicle.


4. Air Freshener:

Air fresheners or one of those things that drivers just buy out of habit. But when you stop to think about it, they don’t really do anything remarkable in the long-term. They emit a strong perfume which lasts for a couple of days, and then fades away in the blink of an eye.


5. Spoilers:

Sometimes, drivers who don’t own sports cars love installing spoilers on their vehicles. Unfortunately, spoilers don’t add any value to a car unless it’s high-performance.


6. Cliché’ Bumper-Stickers:

Bumper stickers are a go-to technique of self-expression for many drivers. But the majority of bumper stickers are forgettable, boring, and ugly. Unless you absolutely have to get one, it’s probably best to steer clear of bumper stickers altogether.



Auto-accessories shouldn’t be things that make cars off-putting. They should draw attention in an appealing or eye-catching way. Before going to the trouble of spending hard-earned money on accessories, think long and hard about utility and aesthetics. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you protect your assets. We got you covered!