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5 Typical Flaws that Tarnish the Outer Appearance of a Home

17 Aug
5 Typical Flaws that Tarnish the Outer Appearance of a Home

5 Typical Flaws that Tarnish the Outer Appearance of a Home

5 Typical Flaws that Tarnish the Outer Appearance of a Home

    Home-décor shouldn’t be exclusive to the insides of a house.  Outdoor aesthetics also contribute to the overall comfort and attractiveness of a home.  Unfortunately, many homeowners concentrate on decorating the rooms inside their properties, without paying much attention to how things look on the outside.  

Put Your Best Foot Forward:

Author Jennifer Gervens explains that, “First impressions are important, and the state of the outside of your house can give off a pretty powerful one. The outside of a house automatically looks beautiful when the grass is thick, lush, and green. Spacious, bright, and open is always the way to go. Resist the urge to leave scattered possessions all over the place.” Here are a few common blemishes which ruin the exterior of a home:  

1.    Outdated Patio-Furniture:

Patio furniture always looks trendy when it’s hot-off-the-shelves.  But as time goes by, furniture can get less and less fashionable.  If you want your home to look well-maintained, use timeless, or regularly updated furniture.  

2.    Cluttered Porches and Verandas:

It’s only natural for people’s belongings to start accumulating all over a compound.  But when items form untidy piles, it’s hard not to focus on the messiness.  

3.    Cracked Windows:

If a family with kids resides in a home, chances are a window’s been broken here and there.  But cracked windows shouldn’t go ignored for long periods of time.  Both for cosmetic reasons, and security reasons.  

4.    Overgrown Lawns:

It takes a lot of work to maintain grass on lawns.  Between watering, weed-control and clipping, it’s a big responsibility to keep lawns manicured. In spite of all this work, grass shouldn’t be allowed to become bushy and unkempt.  

5.    Out-of-Season Holiday Décor:

Holidays are always a great reason to add some decorative flair to a property. But no holiday is permanent. As much fun as it is to put up Christmas, or Halloween ornaments, when the festive season comes to a close, bring everything back to normal.  


The more neglected the facade of a home is, the more a property deteriorates in value and luxury.  No reasonable homeowner should ever want this for a house they’ve invested in.  The best way to maintain the appearance of a home is with consistent domestic upkeep. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you protect your home. We got you covered!