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5 Top Tips on How to Choose a Good Custom Floor Mat for Your Car

13 Nov

5 Top Tips on How to Choose a Good Custom Floor Mat for Your Car

When people buy new cars, probably the last thing they ever think about upgrading is floor mats.  But the truth is that factory-issued floor mats don’t always do the trick.  They might look good, but they’re usually made of cheap materials which are hard to clean, and tear apart easily.  Getting some fresh floor mats can actually do wonders to protect car floors from stains and damage. Automotive Expert Adam Reeder suggests that “Car floor mats take a lot of use and abuse. Most people get in and out of their cars multiple times each day, which puts a tremendous amount of strain on them. That’s why you want something durable, and nice-looking, too.” Here are a few tips on how to pick suitable replacement floor mats:

1.    Pick Water-Proof Floor Mats:

               Floor mats come in two main designs: they can either be fabric, or rubber.  Rubber floor mats are ideal because they don’t absorb water.  This means people can step on them with mud or sludge and they’ll still be easy to clean.

2.    Pick Floor Mats with Rims and Ridges:

               Perfectly smooth floor mats might look aesthetic, but they do a terrible job of diverting dirt away from the car floor.  The more rims and ridges a floor mat has, the less you have to worry about dirt scattering all over the place.  Ridges collect and funnel dirt away from the floor itself.

3.    Use Some Color-Coding:

               Customizing your floor mats actually creates an opportunity to add a splash of color to your interior.  Not only can you choose floor mats with bright colors, but you can also choose some with custom designs as well.

4.    Pick Re-Sizeable Floor Mats:

               Depending on where you get them from, floor mats can actually be trimmed in order to fit the exact dimensions of your vehicle.  This is especially true with rubber floor mats which can be sliced and reshaped with a blade.

5.    Pick Floor Mats with Grip:

               The most annoying thing about a floor mat is when it has to be adjusted and shifted all the time to stay in place.  This happens when floor mats have completely smooth bases.  Replacing such floor mats with the ribbed ones creates stronger traction.  Ribbed floor mats stay in place under all sorts of conditions.


               Floor mats might not seem like a big deal at face value.  But when you think about it, they add a lot to the overall appearance of a vehicle.  Flimsy floor mats slip around all the time.  They need constant repositioning and do little to shield your floors from debris.  But durable floor mats do the opposite.  Not only can they protect your car from dirt and dust, but they also trap liquids and prevent staining.  Investing in the right floor mats can add a few years to the shelf life of your vehicle. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you drive safe. We got you covered!