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4 Ways that Tinted Windows Can Give You a Fantastic Driving Experience

4 Ways that Tinted Windows Can Give You a Fantastic Driving Experience

People who own vehicles are usually passionate about every single feature on their cars.  Except the windows.  This is a mistake considering windows can be tinted as an enhancement.  On the surface, tinted windows might seem like an extravagance. But tinted windows happen to provide a variety of instrumental benefits to car owners.  They make windows safer to use, and add years to the shelf-life of a vehicle.

Tinted Windows are Totally Terrific:

               Automotive Expert Daniel Clark suggests that “Window tinting can add elegance and uniqueness to any car. It protects you from the hot sun, and maintains privacy. Tinted cars show less interior cracking and fading of upholstery… It also helps keep your car cool and avoid overheating. Choosing the right tinting is essential.” Here are a few cool ways that tinting can improve your car:

1.    More Privacy:

               Driving around without tinted windows is like living in a house with wide open doors.  Everyone can see into your personal space.  Tinted windows can actually turn your vehicle into a private area by obscuring what passersby see.

2.    Tinting Protects Against Harsh Sunlight:

               If you’ve ever driven a car in the summertime, you know that things can heat up.  Tinted windows block UV rays and harsh sunlight.  They’ll prevent the vehicle’s interior from melting or corroding during intense heat.

3.    Controlled Shattering:

               Window tinting works by adhering a thin layer of lining onto the glass on the car.  This has the added benefit of reinforcing this glass against sharp impact.  When tinted windows break, the film of tint keeps the glass glued together, unless the force which is breaking it is extreme.

4.    Temperature-Regulation:

               The best part of tinting windows is being able to relax in the shade.  If you install a dark tint, the overall temperature within the vehicle will become cooler as a baseline.  This means less fuel burned on A/C during hot weather.


               Most people like to think of window-tinting as a purely aesthetic feature.  But the advantages of tinted windows transcend appearance.  If you currently drive a vehicle that doesn’t have tinted windows, you might want to give tinting a chance.  Tinted windows can enrich your overall driving experience in different ways. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!