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4 Reasons You Should Never Turn a Blind Eye to Chipped/Cracked Windows

4 Reasons You Should Never Turn a Blind Eye to Chipped/Cracked Windows

Whenever a driver gets their hands on a new vehicle, the last thing they expect to deal with is spontaneous damage.  Especially damage that comes in the form of cracked windows.  Unfortunately, cracked windows happen all the time on the highway.  No matter how carefully you try to drive, random mistakes can end up causing cracks which gradually widen into fissures.  It’s important to fix such cracks before they worsen beyond repair.


Don’t Panic if Your Window Gets Chipped:

               Automotive Expert Mike Allen advises that “ small cracks can propagate into larger ones in an instant, and damaged glass can become a safety issue, as it weakens its resistance to future projectiles… Of course, not all chips can be fixed, nor all blemishes erased entirely. The best you can hope for is to fill most of the chip, and live with a visible flaw in your otherwise crystal-clear glass.” The bad news is that windows get cracked all the time.  But the good news is that cracks can be fixed as long as they aren’t allowed to deteriorate. Here are a few reasons why you should leap into action when car windows get chipped or cracked:


  1. It’s Cheaper to Fix Cracks Early: Chips and cracks always start out small, but left overlooked, they expand into full blown fractures.  Fractured windows always need expensive replacement. But cracked windows can be patched-up affordably.


  1. Strong Windows Keep Airbags Safe: When airbags deploy, they actually lean against windows in order to create cushioning resistance.  If car windows are weakened by cracks, dysfunctional airbag deployment might worsen passenger injuries.


  1. Intact Windows Withstand Debris: It’s often difficult to notice, but all vehicles on the road are constantly exposed to impact from microscopic debris.  Especially when travelling at high speeds.  If damaged windows aren’t fixed in good time, this debris will automatically weaken the structural integrity of car windows. One impact at a time.


  1. Cracked Windows are Hideous: If you take pride in your car’s appearance at all, the mere visibility of cracked windows is upsetting.  And things will only get uglier if cracks aren’t sealed quickly.  Fixing cracks speedily keeps your car looking immaculate.



               The first thing you should do when a car window gets chipped is to get in touch with your insurer.  Not only can insurance agents offer useful guidance, but the majority of insurance companies cover chipped windows for little to no cost.  They can help you get in touch with qualified automotive specialists, and arrange for alternate transportation if repairs are going to take a long time.  All you need to do is make an effort to fix the crack as soon as possible. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!