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4 Lifehacks to Keep Cool on the Road This Summer

4 Lifehacks to Keep Cool on the Road This Summer

Most experienced drivers know that responsible driving requires awareness of conditions on the road. While it’s easy to assume this merely translates into practicing visual alertness while driving, it’s also particularly important to be mindful of how the weather changes from season to season. As summer approaches, there are special preparations every driver should make in order to adapt to the demands of driving around in the heat. Here are four important adjustments to make in order to drive safely this summer.

Service your Vehicle Before the Season Kicks In:
Summer heat takes a heavy toll on the mechanical components of a vehicle. Exposure to hot weather makes every hinge, hose, seal, and movable part expand and contract extremely. It also evaporates essential fluids rapidly. Servicing a car before temperatures rise gives drivers a chance to detect problems that could deteriorate as a result of the heat. Make sure that:
The air conditioning system works sufficiently.
All fluid levels are topped-off.
The braking system is operational.
Tires are properly inflated (Including the Spare Tire).

Prepare for the Glare:
Good A/C isn’t the only cure to driving around in the summer. Extra sunshine means extra light and extra sweat. To protect yourself from being blinded by glare on the road, make sure to permanently keep a pair of sunglasses within reach in your car. If you can’t do it for the safety, just do it for the swag. Also keep bottled water nearby so as not to exert yourself while dehydrated. It may seem insignificant, but neglecting your physical condition in any way, especially during a heatwave, can create enough of a window for human error that results in collision.

Refresh Emergency Supplies and Kits:
Every season characterized by intense weather conditions makes it absolutely urgent to replenish emergency supplies and kits. Even at the most basic level, making sure that you have the necessary materials to either call for help, or get to safety in the event of a crisis is a genuine matter of survival during the winter and summer. Make sure to stock up on:
A legible copy of your Vehicle’s Manual.
First Aid Supplies.
Mobile Device Charging Accessories.
Flashlights, Flares and Visibility Equipment.
Jumper Cables.
Tire Maintenance Equipment Such as: a Pressure Gauge, Jack, Wheel Wedges, Wrench and Gloves.
Nonperishable Food.
Extra Blankets, Towels and Clothes.

Keep an eye out for Crowds:
Warm weather naturally means that more people will be out and about. Because schools are closed, chances are that more teenagers are driving and children may wander about the neighborhood as the play. Additionally, minimal rain facilitates more construction zones on the highway. Summer inevitably brings a spike in crowds of vulnerable pedestrians so always keep an eye out for sensitive road conditions.

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