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4 Helpful Tips on How to Parallel-Park Without Going Through a Headache

29 Jan

4 Helpful Tips on How to Parallel-Park Without Going Through a Headache

     If there’s one thing that feels like rocket-science to learning drivers, it’s parallel-parking.  This is mostly because parallel-parking involves more multitasking than any other driving procedure.  Not only is it necessary to make sure that traffic is clear, but all the maneuvering involved in parallel-parking requires watchful environmental scanning.  Drivers need to be careful not to hit any parked vehicles, while simultaneously avoiding the curb, and squeezing their car into a tight space.

Don’t Panic When Parking:

               Automotive Expert Alyssa Ruane advises that “Parallel-parking can be intimidating. Especially if you’ve seen videos of people doing it horribly. But luckily, there are a few steps you can follow that will work like a charm every time. If you want to parallel-park like a pro, all it takes is practice.” Here are a few basic tips on how to parallel-park perfectly:

1.    Check Your Rearview Mirrors:

               The main reason why parallel-parking is complicated is because drivers have to engage reverse-gear.  Never parallel-park without checking your blind-spots thoroughly. Confirm that there are no obstacles in the way.  That means trusting your line-of-sight, while also using the mirrors to scan.

2.    Assume the Right Posture:

               If you’re going to parallel-park, you have to maintain full control of the vehicle.  Particularly when it’s in reverse.  Grip the top of the steering wheel with your left hand, turn your torso around, and rest your palm against the back of the front-passenger’s seat.  This posture helps drivers maintain good depth perception while reversing.

3.    Steer into the Parking-Space Slowly:

               When vehicles need to make controlled turns, it’s crucial not to accelerate at high speeds.  Slow momentum, combined with quick steering, enables drivers to turn with more agility.  This is why driving slowly while parallel-parking is easier than speeding into the parking spot.

4.    Pay Attention to the Gradient:

               Just because you’ve parked successfully, doesn’t mean you can exit the vehicle without a care in the world.  Depending on whether you’ve parked on a slope, you need to turn the wheel in a way that prevents gravity-induced collisions.  If you parked facing downhill, the front wheels should face towards the curb.  If you parked facing uphill, the front wheels should face away from the curb.


               If you want to avoid feeling stressed out while parallel-parking, all you have to do is take things one step at a time.  Focus first on getting a good space, and indicate clearly so that other drivers know your intentions.  Once you’re in position, take your time steering.  When it comes to maneuvering in traffic, even when parking, it’s more important to do things the right way, than to do them hastily. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!