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10 Prudent Safety Rules for Any Driver Travelling Through a School Zone

24 Aug
10 Prudent Safety Rules for Any Driver Travelling Through a School Zone

10 Prudent Safety Rules for Any Driver Travelling Through a School Zone

There’s a reason why people should drive cautiously around school zones. Not only are children vulnerable to accidents, but kids also tend to be unaware of their surroundings as they play. It’s extremely easy for children to suddenly jump into oncoming traffic. So when driving within 1,000 feet of a school, don’t exceed speeds of 25 mph.


Be Careful and Observant:

Driver’s-Ed Instructor Mark Golub cautions that, “Keeping students safe is a community responsibility. While you may be in a hurry to get to school, take your own kids to school, or get to work, it’s essential to slow down and pay attention to traffic laws. Since the consequences for breaking these laws can lead to serious injury and death, they have stiffer penalties.” Here are a few quick safety tips when driving in school zones:

  1. Pay Attention to Posted Traffic-Signs: School zones are heavily-labeled with traffic-signs and notices. Always respect the instructions provided on signage within school zones.
  2. Expect to Come to a FULL Stop: Rolling-stops in a school zone are both irresponsible, and dangerous. There’s no telling when a child could roam into the street in a school zone.
  3. Expect Traffic and Gridlock: Whenever kids are being dropped-off, or picked up, school zones get crowded. Never assume you can drive through a school zone without facing congestion.
  4. Stay Alert Near Pedestrian Crossings: Intersections adjacent to school zones always have pedestrians waiting to cross. Observe their movements, and be prepared to give way.
  5. NEVER Block a Crosswalk in School Zones: When turning or parking within school zones, it’s easy to block crosswalks when maneuvering. This creates hazardous conditions by obstructing pedestrians.
  6. Slow Down and Obey Posted Speed-Limits: If there’s one traffic sign that’s always clearly posted in school zones, it’s the speed limit. Always comply with mandated speed-limits.
  7. Don’t Pass Vehicles and Buses in School Zones: Whether it’s a school bus, or other fellow drivers, passing in school zones is especially risky. Be patient no matter how long the wait is.
  8. Yield Proactively in School Zones: School zones are the wrong place to get into stand-offs with other people. Yield and give way if doing so creates safer road-conditions.
  9. Respect and Obey Crossing Guards: Crossing Guards make sure that children can use crosswalks without straying into highways. It’s crucial to follow their instructions at all times.
  10. DON’T Text and Drive: Distracted driving in a school zone increases the chances of fatal accidents. Never multitask with mobile devices behind the wheel.


Kids rarely pay attention to their immediate surroundings. Even if they get in the way of traffic, they may not be able to judge vehicle-speeds accurately. That’s why it’s up to licensed drivers to keep an eye out for children on the road. If kids are on bicycles or skateboards, it’s even more urgent to drive cautiously. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you stay safe. We got you covered!