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Quick Guide: How to Keep from Getting Rusty as a New Driver

If you’re a new driver, or you’re learning how to drive, chances are you probably think of that slender card called a driver’s license as your ticket to freedom and independence. There’s nothing quite like driving your own vehicle and calling all the shots about where you want to go. Life feels that much sweeter […]

6 Common-Sense Lifehacks to Help Stay Out of DUI Trouble

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is one of the biggest contributing factors to traffic collisions in the world. In fact, it’s arguably the most careless thing that a driver could ever do. When a motorist is convicted of driving with excessively high Blood/Alcohol Content levels (BAC), it goes without saying that their entire life will […]

4 Bad Driving Habits that will End Up Costing you In the Long Run

Driving is a more complicated activity than meets the eye. The more experience motorists get behind the wheel, the less they think about all the different variables that go into being a safe and responsible driver. Driving is about so much more than keeping speed limits and paying attention to the highway code. Being a […]

5 Common Driving Habits that Cause More Trouble than You Think

One of the most interesting ironies of driving is that having more experience doesn’t necessarily turn people into responsible motorists. In fact, the more time drivers spend behind the wheel, the more they pick up bad habits which generate excess costs and endanger safety. Going to the trouble of applying for a driver’s license isn’t […]

5 Maintenance Habits which Can Save You Cash at the Gas Pump

One of the most exhausting chores that comes with being a motorist is filling up the gas tank, especially considering how much the cost of fuel adds up over time. Thanks to rising gas prices, increased emphasis on climate change, and the geopolitical impact of dependency on fossil fuels, improving fuel efficiency has become a […]

4 Basic Rules to Protect Yourself from DUIs

  Whenever someone hears the phrase “driving under the influence,” they automatically think about drunk driving.  But the truth is, there are many different types of substances which interfere with a driver’s sobriety. Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs impair the ability to drive because they slow down coordination, cloud judgment, and stall reaction times.  Conversely, cocaine and methamphetamine […]

How to Prepare for Power Outages in 3 Easy Steps

California’s wildfire season is going to be one for the history books this year. As of the end of October, roughly 6,200 fires were recorded by the US Forest service, all of which burned down almost 199,000 acres of land and 698 buildings/structures. In an effort to prevent even more fires triggered by extreme weather […]

Basic Guide: Picking a Proper Car-Seat for Your Kids

    Did you know that picking a car seat isn’t as straightforward as it seems? People tend to assume that age is a reliable way to select the type of car seat a child needs. However, bodyweight and height are more relevant when it comes to matters of auto safety. This is because the lighter a […]

4 Simple Strategies to Help Train Your Kids into Responsible Drivers

Although teen driver fatalities have declined over the years, motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of teen deaths. This makes it more important than ever for parents to be strict about teens’ behavior behind the wheel. According to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Students Against Drunk Driving […]

Quick Guide: How Renters Insurance Can Protect You

If you rent a house/apartment and experience an accident that causes property damage, your landlord’s insurance will only cover the cost of repairing the building. This is great in situations where only the building you live in has been damaged, but what happens if your personal belongings are affected as well? This simple question is […]

5 Important Things to Do if you Don’t want Any Problems During the Holidays

Time flies. If you need any proof, just think about the fact that the year’s pretty much winding down to a close – ALREADY! Soon enough everyone’s going to start prepping and decorating for the holiday season. However, as all the good cheer starts taking over the atmosphere, don’t forget that accidents can happen regardless […]

9 Key Safety Tips for Anyone who Drives a 15-Passenger Van

Whether they’re used to drive children to daycare, older people to senior citizen events, athletic teams to sporting events, or employees in carpools, 15-passenger vans are in high demand. 15-passenger vans have become very popular because they’re large and especially practical in densely populated areas. However, because 15-passenger vans are cumbersome, they can pose a […]